Makes Words Dance

DSC_1016 - Version 2Heather Werle has been making words dance for decades, one letter at a time.

She was once told that “the easiest thing to do for a reader is to stop reading.” And who wants their readers to stop reading?

She plays with words to help communicate best what needs to be said with proper grammar, intentional creativity and clear readability for each specific client, assignment and project. Readers inadvertently don’t want to stop reading.

She will work closely with you to understand the unique message you want to convey, the target audience you aim to reach and the most appropriate venue of communication for your message to be heard effectively. She merges this all together into a creative, unique and concise package, relying heavily on her story-telling skills and filtering it all through the lens of culture and your chosen platform of communication. She understands that words are not baggage-free from emotion and connotation, as well as how aesthetics can drastically improve readability and accessibility. She makes words dance with power and grace.

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