540390_10150828478586906_899455552_nShe is a 30something from Chicago calling “The South” her current home. It’s the one place she always thought she’d never live, but after living in every other time zone the continental United States has to offer since college, she landed here. She’s liking it more than she ever imagined she would and plans to stay put for a while.

She graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and also has an MA from Denver Seminary. Being a professional writer and editor since 1999, she has worked both for a newspaper and a mid-sized publishing company, and she has also freelanced since 2004. Her previous clients range from financial planning companies to ministry magazines. Her resume includes but is not limited to website copy, blogs, magazine articles, Bible studies, curriculum, idea/training books, ministry philosophy books, wordsmith projects and books.

When she’s not working with clients, she pours into relationships near and far, makes quite possibly the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, laughs a lot, likes to add stamps to her passport, drinks [probably] too much coffee, enjoys live music, explores the city she calls home, seeks adventure and plays outside as much as possible, especially when it involves mountains or water, being active and skiing of all kinds.


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